Good day, and welcome to the mitrobe network review. Today we are going to look at, A company, what kind of business they are into, and if investing with themap is safe or not.

We all know that investing in transport, eCommerce Is very profitable as it is among the basic needs of life, people move daily, hourly, seconds and they need transport means to move on.

Another largest company in the world is the transportation company, but now buying motorcycles, getting riders, and taking a commission from them at times isn’t a good investment due to the high risk incurred. And how hard it is to get an honest driver.

Now, comes in to take all this risk to themselves and all they need is investors (you) to invest, and leverage their resources to make wealth, while they on the other hand serve as risk management.

But then, can they be trusted, are they biting more than they can chew, you will get to know all this as you read on.

Introduction to is a Nigeria multipurpose investment company that creates an avenue for investing in eCommerce, real estate, transportation, education, and lots more.

This company claims to have been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC).

Their headquarter is located in Lagos state, suite A59 Nigeria air force shopping complex.

Now, let look at their various investment program, how it works, and if investing in any of them is ideal.

Themap Hub Partnership

When you signup as a themap hub partnership you automatically become an e-commerce business center to provide various eCommerce value services daily.

Hub partnership allows an individual, group, or corporate organization to become Themap in their location, provide e-commerce service to business within and beyond their immediate environment.

This means they are opening their business for partnership with 3rd party players who share a fraction of their profit for playing a part in making their services deliver/business process complete

Who can be a Hub Partner?

  • Student
  • Youth corper
  • Job seekers
  • Investors
  • Working class seeking more income source
  • Retires
  • Site at home moms
  • Affiliates
  • Enteprenuership/start-ups

How does Themap Hub Partnership Work

You need to have a physical location with a physical address where you run daily operations.

This location can be a shared space or fully yours ranging from

  • Shops
  • Office space
  • Home address
  • Filling station
  • Plaza
  • Shopping complet
  • Hotel
  • Estate. Bike Investment Package

The job of on their bike investment is to scout for shipments in their various locations, then they use your bike (investment) to deliver them. And then share income with you.

How do Bike Investment works

In short this is how bike investment works.

  • You pay for a corporate account
  • purchase a bike for you
  • Themap get a rider for you
  • Themap manages the bike
  • Themap manages the rider
  • Themap bring shipments and then
  • Themap pay you weekly

So they are leveraging on your money whereas you are leveraging on their expertise. bike investment works in two ways

  1. As an independent investor: This means you alone to pay the sum for the total package and the income will be solely yours with nobody sharing your income with you.
  2. As a collaborative investor: this means you own one bike collectively with other co-investors. Collaborative investors are usually a maximum of 5 in a group and they share income equally or according to how many investment slots they pay for. A collaborative investor can pay for more than 1 investment slots in a group of 5. Bike Return on Investment Break Down

Small Business Plan:

You invest N580, 000, after 30 days payout breakdown

  • 1st 6 month
  • 2nd 6 months

1st 6 month payout (fixed amount)

  • N30, 000/week
  • N30, 000 x 4weeks = N120, 000
  • N120, 000 x 6months = N720, 000

Summary:  N720, 000 – N580, 000  = N140, 000 profit.

2nd 6 months payout (pure profit period)

  • N7, 500/week
  • N7, 500 x 4weeks = N30, 000
  • N30, 000/month

Summary: N30, 000 x 6months = N180, 000

Total ROI summary

  • Profit from 1st 6months = N140, 000
  • Profit from 2nd 6 months = N180, 000       
  • Grand total profit = N320, 000

Enterprise Business Plan

You invest N680, 000, after 30days payout breakdown payout breakdown.

  • 1st 6 month
  • 2nd 6 months

1st 6 month payout (fixed amount)

  • N30, 000/week
  • N30, 000 x 4weeks = N120, 000
  • 120, 000 x 6months = N720, 000

Summary: N720, 000 – N680, 000 = N40, 000 profit.

2nd 6months payout (fixed flat rate payment)

50% cut down from  your previous returns from N30, 000 weekly – N15, 000

  • N15, 000/week x 4weeks = N60/month
  • N60, 000 x 6months = N360, 000

Total ROI summary

  • 1st 6months = N720, 000
  • 2nd 6months = N360, 000
  • Total income = capital minus – total payout = N1, 080, 000 – N680, 000 = N400, 000 profit.

Cooperate Business Plan

You invest N780, 000 after 30 days payout breakdown payout breakdown.

  • 12months fixed amount payout

12 months payout (fixed flat rate payment)

  • N30, 000/week
  • N30, 000 x 4weeks  = N120, 000/month
  • N120, 000 x 12months  = N1, 440, 000

Total ROI summary

Total income = capital – total payout

  • N1, 440, 000 – N780, 000 = N660, 000 profit.

Commission and Referral Bonus for each Bike Investment Package.

  • Small business plan – N580, 000 = 5% = N29, 000
  • Enterprise business plan – N680, 000 = 5% =N34, 000
  • Corporate business plan – N780, 000 = 5% = N39, 000

Themap Real Estate Investment

Corporative Business Plan

Investment capitalN5, 000, 000
Tenure options1yr, 2yrs, and 3yrs
Payment plansWeekly, monthly, yearly and fixed
Payment plan1yr tenure  (48weeks)2yrs tenure (96weeks)3yrs tenure (144weeks)
Weekly paymentsN120, 000.00N105, 000.00N100, 000
Monthly paymentsN480, 000.00N420, 000.00N400, 000
Yearly paymentsN4, 760, 000.00N10, 080, 500.00N14, 400, 000.00

If you invest in corporate business plan of N5, 000, 000 and option in for 3yrs ROI which is N14, 400, 000.00/3yrs = N4, 8000, 000.00/year will pay you for 2yrs which is

  • N14, 400, 000.00 – N4, 8000, 000.00 =N9, 600, 000  for 2 years

N/B themap will withhold 1yr ROI of N4, 800, 000.00 as your equity

Enterprise Business Plan

Investment capitalN3, 000, 000
Tenure options1yr, 2yrs and 3yrs
Payment plansWeekly, monthly, yearly and fixed
Payment plan1yr tenure  (48weeks)2yrs tenure (96weeks)3yrs tenure (144weeks)
Weekly paymentsN79, 000.00N67, 000.00N65, 000.00
Monthly paymentsN316, 000.00N268, 000.00N260, 000.00
Yearly paymentsN3, 792, 000.00N6, 432, 000.00N9, 360, 000.00

If you invest in enterprise business plan of N3, 000, 000 and option in for 3yrs ROI which is N9, 360,  000.00/3yrs = N3, 120, 000.00/year will pay you for 2yrs which is

  • N9, 360, 000.00 – N3, 120, 000.00 = N6, 240, 000.00 = 2yrs

N/B themap will withhold 1yr ROI of N3, 120, 000.00 as your equity

Small Business Plan

Investment capitalN1, 000, 000
Tenure options1yr, 2yrs and 3yrs
Payment plansWeekly, monthly, yearly and fixed
Payment plan1yr tenure  (48weeks)2yrs tenure (96weeks)3yrs tenure (144weeks)
Weekly paymentsN37, 500.00N26, 050.00N24, 300.00
Monthly paymentsN150, 000.00N104, 200.00N97, 200.00
Yearly paymentsN1, 800, 000.00N2, 500, 800.00N3, 499, 200.00

If you invest in small business plan of N1, 000, 000 and option in for 3yrs ROI which is N3, 499, 200.00/3yrs = N1, 166, 400.00/year will pay you for 2yrs which is

  • N3, 499, 200.00 – N1, 166, 400.00 = N2, 332, 800.00 2yrs roi

N/B themap will withhold 1yr ROI of N1, 166, 400.00  as your equity

Themap Real Estate Investment Terms and Conditions

Cashout: You can only cash out a maximum 2yrs return on investment (ROI) of an investment.

For instance. If you invest for 3yrs repayment duration, themap will pay you 2yrs weekly, monthly, or yearly according to the package you invest in. there will be no payment for the 3rd year instead themap use it as credit for your property purchase equity.

Equity: Every investor must have equity. The map equity enables investors to own a house or own property after cashing out both capital and interest from their investments.

The  map equity enables investors to trade properties or invest in lucrative constructions projects which can fetch them cash. Review

So after breezing through what themap is and what they are into, is investing in themap legit.

As you can see the company has showcased and provided vital information about who they are, and what they do best.

And that is the no.1 atom of transparency to look in an investment company, knowing what they do, and how they do.

Investing in themap is not a bad idea, as the company is a fast-growing one, and also in the largest and busiest city in Nigeria where their services are highly appreciated.

But then, the investment will always remain investment, an atom of risk is attached and what are these atoms of risk to look out for before investing in

The Risk involved Investing in

Every business has a downside and here outlined below are the downside of this business and their own measures to manage the risks.

Government policy change and introduction to new documentation

This can come up at any time and the task force will be on the loose to seize any bike that doesn’t have the new document without notice ( for the case of bike investment)

Meanwhile, themap said they usually stop the bike from working until necessary documents are gotten for that bike(s).  Pending approval from the authorities, it might take 24 -72hrs for that bike to get back on the road to avoid impoundment of such a bike by the authorities.

Theft or damage

This could happen at any time, losing the bike or damage caused by accident.

Meanwhile, themap is said they will ensure your bike(s) gets comprehensive insurance policy to mitigate the unforeseen. Tracker is installed and all bikes on their system/grid are monitors 24/7 to know their position anywhere they are.

Health Condition

The rider could be sick, go for a check-up while the bike is parked, and not making money.


In all investing with is an ideal one, as the company is on the largest market, such as transportation, real estate, e-commerce, and more.

And for the fact that they are centered on the big city of Nigeria where these services are of in high demand then it certain they are going to do well with their trades.

But then, investment should be treated as an investment with all risk at hand, and to invest wisely and to prepare for the unseen or unknown.

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