Top 10 Scholarships In Germany For Nigerian Students


Top 10 Scholarships In Germany For Nigerian Students

Certainly, Germany is one of the European countries with a handful of scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students. While average Nigerian students willing to study in Europe might be discouraged by funding issues, a Germany-based scholarship could be the lifeline for such Nigerians to fulfill their dreams.

Based on our thorough findings, there are a couple of beneficial scholarships for Nigerian students (pursuing Master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees) to study in Germany. Therefore, here’s a well-researched list of the top 10 scholarships in Germany for Nigerian students.


Regarded as a government-funded scholarship scheme, Erasmus provides foreign students with grants and coverage of living costs. Erasmus, which is managed by the European Commission, is touted as European Union’s largest scholarship provider and it basically renders academic funding to foreigners willing to study in Europe.

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2.Heinrich Boll Scholarship

Under the auspices of a non-governmental organization named the Heinrich Boll Foundation, this scheme avails foreign students the chance to study in Germany on a scholarship basis. For applicants of this scheme to be considered for scholarships, they must be able to provide evidence of their admission to a specific university.

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3.DAAD Scholarship

This is a government-funded scholarship scheme for people to study in Germany. Under the auspices of the German Exchange Academic Service, this (DAAD) scheme avails foreigners (inclusive of Nigerians) the chance to study in Germany in pursuit of both postgraduate and doctoral degrees across all disciplines.

4.Kurt Hansen Science Scholarship

If you’re a Nigerian student studying a science-related discipline, this could be one of the suitable German scholarships for you. Under the auspices of the Bayer Foundation, the Kurt Hansen Science Scholarship offers scholarships to science students willing to become educators.

5.Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

This scholarship scheme, alternatively known as the KAS Scholarships, is exclusively for foreign students pursuing Master’s and PhDs. Some of the vital requirements for this scholarship are being a BSc holder not more than 30 years of age, active involvement in voluntary work and proof of an above-average academic result.

6.Mawista Scholarship

This, of course, is the right Germany-based scholarship for nursing mothers (from Nigeria or other countries) to further their education. While Mawista Scholarship is also available to single mothers, it’s obviously a great privilege for nursing mothers to relieve themselves of expenses (for both themselves and their kids) while studying in Germany.

7.Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers

Regarded as another non-governmental initiative, this scholarship scheme is targeted at postdoctoral students from any country of the world. Meanwhile, it’s one of the all-inclusive postdoctoral scholarships as it’s available to scientists and scholars in any field of study.

8.Deutschland Stipendium

This is a scholarship scheme that rewards its winners with the monthly fund of 300 euros. While Deutschland Stipendium is a merit-based scheme, it is a clear advantage for international students at German universities to overcome financial challenges. Meanwhile, the scheme requires such students to showcase their productive capabilities and doesn’t consider students’ nationality or personal income for selecting beneficiaries.

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9.The Helmholtz Association

Whether they are Nigerians or non-Nigerians, students pursuing doctoral and postdoctoral degrees are at liberty of enjoying this scheme which enables them to enroll at the German Helmholtz centre and undertake well-funded research.

10.DRD Scholarships for Sub-Saharan Africans

This is a German university funded scheme for Sub-Saharan African students to freely enroll at Buckom’s Ruhr-University for degrees in Development Studies, Development Management and Public Administration. While this scheme is pronounced as a merit-based scholarship, it is targeted only at Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan African countries.


We hope this article has provided you with valuable information about German scholarships for Nigerian students. If you’re interested in any of the listed scholarship schemes, do well to visit the scheme’s dedicated website for further enquiries.

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