Longrich BioScience –or simply Longrich –is an online platform which touts itself as an MLM company concerned with personal care, health care and household cleaning products.

Founded by Xu Zhiwei, Longrich BioScience bills itself as a company with trademarks registered in more than 180 countries. While Longrich BioScience adopts the popular MLM business model in selling its products, the company further lays claim to operating as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Hence, Longrich BioScience engagies in various activities including product research, product development, raw material procurement, packaging design, warehousing, product distribution, etc.

According to the website of Longrich, the company’s founder and owner, Xu Zhiwei, is “the most influential man in China’s cosmetic industry”. This is just one of the reputable claims Longrich attaches to its owner but sadly however, all of the company’s reputable claims about itself are difficult to prove.


Probably, you’ve listened to people’s stories about Longrich BioScience. Whether horrible or fascinating, such stories may interest you especially if you’re damn eager to invest in an MLM company. Helpfully, this post comes handy as it aims to open your eyes to how Longrich BioScience works plus everything you need to know about the MLM company.

What Does It Cost to Register with Longrich?

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You may find a handful of online reviews stating that Longrich registration is free. What this implies is that such reviews might make you believe that it doesn’t cost you a dime to become a Longrich Business Associate.

While it’s true that Longrich doesn’t openly charge any registration fee, the snag here is that you must purchase one of the company’s entry-level packages (notably Entry Level Packs) in a bid to have your status (as a Business Associate) activated. The lowest package here is QSilver which costs $90.

The other entry-level packages are Silver, Gold and Platinum and they cost $360, $1080 and $2500 respectively. However, the costs of these packages can vary depending on your country.

How to Register with Longrich

By opting to register with Longrich BioScience, you’re probably interested in serving as one of the company’s Business Associates. What you should first do in this case is to visit the official website of Longrich and navigate to the top where you’ll find a Registration button.

After clicking the Registration button, you’ll be provided with a form. Feed your details (personal information) into the form and then for your enrollment, there’s an attached field into which you should input the names of the Longrich products you’re willing to purchase. Later in this post, you’ll find a comprehensive list of Longrich’s products.

After filling and submitting the registration form, one of Longrich’s existing Business Associates will be asked to contact you. Be patient enough for the Business Associate to contact you and walk you through the enrollment process. Frankly, the company’s registration process appears roundabout and quite awkward.

During the process, you’ll have to specify the entry-level package you intend to buy. Following that, you’ll be required to pay an equivalent amount of money (for the desired Entry Level Pack) into Longrich’s bank account. If, for example, you desire the Gold Entry Pack, you’ll have to pay $1080 into the company’s bank account.

Importantly, pay attention to the purchase value (PV) of the Longrich products you’re interested in buying. This is simply because the PV of your preferred products must correspond to your Entry Level Pack. If the Gold Entry Pack is what you’d like to opt for, this means 720PV worth of Longrich products is what you’re expected to purchase.

Once the corresponding payment for your preferred Entry Level Pack is confirmed, you’ll receive the chosen products along with your Business Associate ID.


A Comprehensive List of Longrich’s Products


  • Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pad
  • Cordyceps Militaris Coffee
  • Floral Hand Cream Set
  • White Tea Dandruff Control Shampoo
  • Energy Pot
  • NutriVrich
  • Evergreen Skin Care & Beauty Series
  • White Tea Multi-effect Toothpaste
  • Antiperspirant Dew
  • White Tea Nourishing Body Wash
  • Mouth Freshener
  • Energy Shoes
  • Bone M
  • Pi Cup
  • Color Protect & Treatment Conditioner
  • Brightening Styling Gel
  • Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Soap
  • Sheep Placenta SOD Milk (yikes)
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Concentrated Detergent Powder
  • Water Purification System
  • Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash

6 Key Reasons Why You Should Avoid Longrich?


Longrich doesn’t have a definite Income Disclosure Statement

Except you aren’t a shrewd investor, absence of an Income Disclosure Statement is something you’ll consider a big turn-off.

The people behind Longrich must have deemed it risky to publish an official statement of what they earn. As one would have thought, their income is so meager that a reasonable investor wouldn’t deem it sensible to partner with them.

For a company that has been in the MLM business for over a decade, absence of a realistic Income Disclosure Statement is something its prospective investor should be worried about. Even if Longrich ever publishes an Income Disclosure Statement, it won’t be enough to substantiate that the company’s reps actually make reasonable profit. This is typical of MLM companies and so, it’s very predictable that if Longrich decides to release an Income Disclosure Statement in the future, that statement might seem pretty much like that of any other MLM company.

Vague ownership

Some online information about Longrich indicates that the company is owned by Xu Zhiwei who is supposedly, according to Longrich’s website, the “most influential man in China’s household product and cosmetics industries”. The preceding claim is hard to believe simply because if Xu Zhiwei were truly as enormously influential as claimed, there would be substantial online information –and most probably a verified social media profile –about him.

Another unsubstantiated claim about Xu Zhiwei (purported owner of Longrich) is that he is one of China’s top 10 credible entrepreneurs. The fact that this claim is hard to prove is one of the shortcomings associated with Longrich’s ownership.

Trying to be thoughtful, you may want to ask who exactly Xu Zhiwei is but you’d be disappointed that there’s barely any genuine information about Xu Zhiwei. According to zoominfo.com, Xu Zhiwei is the chairman of Longrich and he has held this position since 2014.

If you attempt to further dig into the Internet for genuine information about Longrich’s ownership, you’re very likely to get confused by the suspiciously misleading information you’ll come across.

Pyramid schemes and MLM companies are unsurprisingly in the habit of using unverified claims to defend themselves or their owners. More often than not, these schemes/companies present ownership claims that are difficult to substantiate. Frankly, an MLM company can go as far as claiming that a particular individual is the owner of the company whereas that individual barely exists in real life.

Absence of a replicated website for product sale

As an MLM company, Longrich is certain to rely heavily on distributors for the sale of its products. This is why it’s normal for such a company to skillfully attract distributors by promising them unrealistic benefits.

Longrich expects distributors to help land its products in front of numerous potential buyers. However, the MLM company doesn’t run any replicated website for this purpose. Put simply, Longrich distributors cannot point to a particular Longrich-developed ecommerce store or business website through which they can market the company’s products.

Longrich’s failure at owning a replicated business website raises serious doubt about anybody’s chance of making success through the company. There’s no denying that online presence is an indispensable requisite for business success especially with respect to product marketing.

With Longrich failing to have a replicated business website, it’s obvious that a Longrich Business Associate will have to stick to face-to-face marketing in a bid to get buyers for the company’s products.

Poor website

That a company runs a poorly designed website is plainly sufficient ground to justify that the company is unprofessional. While a company’s website stands to constitute the company’s branding, it is damn annoying that Longrich has branded itself very poorly, no thanks to the company’s unprofessional website.

Going by the substantial reputation Longrich proclaims for itself and its owner, one would expect the MLM company to be worth multiple millions of bucks. One would further expect the company to commit a whole lot of bucks to the design of its website.

Terribly, Longrich’s website is nothing to remark about in terms of design, ease of navigation and even overall quality.

Longrich’s Enrolment Packs carry outrageous prices

An attempt to make any reasonable income with Longrich would likely cost you hundreds of dollars. This is all due to the outrageous prices of the company’s Enrollment Packs. Imagine having to give up as much as $90 just to secure access to few (about three) of the company’s products. That actually sounds unimpressive but it’s really what the QSilver enrolment pack can afford you.

If you’re damn eager to earn reasonably with Longrich, you would have to secure access to a good number of Longrich products. This way, you’ll likely find it convenient to attract prospective buyers as you’d have sufficient products to demonstrate or even hand out as gifts to the prospective buyers. But what happens if you can’t afford giving up hundreds of dollars in return for one of Longrich’s costliest Enrollment Packs?

For example, the Silver pack, which is clearly one of the costliest enrollment plans, costs as much as $360. Finance-wise, it isn’t advisable to cough up that much simply to get your hands on Longrich’s products. There is the likelihood that you’d be purchasing some of such products for sampling, demonstration or giveaway purposes. If Longrich is really a genuine company just as it claims, why can’t it provide its Business Associates with free-to-access products? Why should its Business Associates cough up outrageous sums simply to access products they might end up showcasing as samples to prospective buyers?

Of course, a lot of questions about Longrich’s genuineness are begging for answers. It’s really hard to prove that your investment in Longrich will yield substantial returns in the long run. This is because while trying to aggressively qualify for Longrich’s monthly bonuses as well as get more products, you’re much likely to have forfeited thousands of dollars by the end of a year.

Longrich is definitely a pyramid scheme

Anyone knowledgeable enough about the operational dynamics of pyramid schemes wouldn’t hesitate to agree that such schemes are covertly fraudulent in nature.

Some people may tell you they actually made money by referring other people to a particular online scheme. However, the mind-boggling reality here is that online schemes heavily dependent on referrals are usually difficult for their owners to sustain in the long run. Once it becomes difficult to convince new people that the scheme is worth joining, chances of generating revenue become slim. The financial situation of the scheme tends to grow worse as the organizers barely have alternative ways of channeling revenue for the scheme.

What you’ve just read is a pretty simple explanation of how pyramid schemes operate. From all indications, such schemes are unfavorable to individuals looking to establish long-lasting income streams for themselves.

Also, some regulatory agencies frown upon any company believed to be operating in the style of a pyramid scheme. FTC, for example, believes that pyramid schemes use deceptive tactics in parading themselves as legit MLM schemes and for this reason, pyramid schemes are scams.

It’s a proven fact that Longrich operates in the style of many other pyramid schemes. This, of course, is one of the key reasons why you should avoid Longrich at all costs.

Is There Any Verified Evidence about Longrich Being a Scam?


Longrich Botswana, a subsidiary of Longrich BioScience, is reported to have defrauded 200+ people by failing to fulfill its promise of “monthly salary and Hyundai Elantra” in return for successful referral of more people. Those who ended up recruiting more people didn’t receive anything in return for their effort. It is with respect to this fraudulent act that a Botswana publication by the name mmegi.bw reported that Longrich Botswana was being investigated by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

Oftentimes, MLM companies deliberately complicate their compensation plans probably as a way of luring people and making them think the companies have got substantial rewards for them. Longrich BioScience is no exception as its compensation plan appears annoyingly complex.

Overall, Longrich BioScience is not worth joining. Anyone preparing to join the MLM company is probably on the brink of committing time, effort and money to a fruitless venture.


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