Searching profusely for Mining City Review – as well as trying to ascertain the authenticity or veracity of  Mining City? If it is  Legit or a Scam Investment Site? Lets get started…

In this article, we will be looking in-depth into Mining City. We will talk about what the company is about and whether the company is truly legit or a scam. It is important to gather user reviews about a particular company before throwing your money into it, especially when you are dealing with investment companies.

What is Mining City about?

mining city review

Mining City is a Bitcoin investment scheme where members can mine Bitcoin very conveniently and get very attractive returns on their investments. Mining City enables its users to be able to earn passive income from home. This is especially very important in cryptocurrency this era of COVID-19 that we are in where many people are forced to work from home. Bitcoin has always been a great method of earning money online and it is a very popular and trusted cryptocurrency system.

So, what Mining City does is that, the platform allows its members to mine Bitcoin and it also helps to bring the Bitcoin community together through mining.

This means that, whether you are a new member or an experienced member with Mining City, you can mine Bitcoin with Mining City. There has been a boom in the number of people willing to invest in the cryptocurrency market in recent years. And this means that, a number of people have fallen for Ponzi schemes that posed as legit investment platforms. This calls for us to take a very good look at Mining City to ascertain if they are not a Ponzi scheme.

Mining City is very popular in certain countries of the world like Japan, Vietnam, South Africa and Korea. Mining City aims at creating a safe haven for cryptocurrency investors. Mining City is also set up in a way to increase profits on investments. So, Mining City helps people to mine Bitcoin and increase the value of their investments by expanding their network in the community.

There are 2 main methods through which people acquire Bitcoin which are either through Buying or Mining. Mining of Bitcoin can be very complex and hard to understand by many people. This is where Mining City comes to the rescue.

So, if you are an investor, Mining City will handle all the complex processes and factors of mining on your behalf. Mining City even provides equipment and technology needed for mining in order to assist investors and minimize the cost of mining management.

Did You Know?

– It is reported that Mining City is the strategic partner of which is the largest Bitcoin pool in the world?
– Also, Mining City was reported to have signed an investment document with the Kazakhstan government in which they were allocated land for 5 years to build a coin mining factory and they were also provided with electricity incentives to aid the process.

Is Mining City Fake or Legit?

Mining City is obviously a very legit Bitcoin investment program. You can also visit their website at which is available to web visitors in only selected countries. But all in all, Mining City has been confirmed to be very legit. You don’t have to worry about being duped.

However, some users on trustpilot  have submitted their personalized complain, insisting that Mining city is a scam or fraud. However, that doesn’t hold water as the number of positive reviews far out numbers the negative reviews. You can see the screenshot below as regards the user with scam claim;

Is Mining City Fake or Legit?
Is Mining City Fake or Legit?

Considering how Legit Mining City is, kindly go through few of the positive reviews below from some clients/customers;

Is Mining City Fake or Legit?

What is Bitcoin Mining and How Does it Work?

We all know that Bitcoin is a virtual currency that spurred the block chain development. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency has become very popular as the years go by. And it has been predicted that Bitcoin and Block chain will be the future of finances globally.

In order to “mine” Bitcoin, some specialized computers are deployed for the process. These computers use special software to solve complex math formulas. So, a determined number of Bitcoin is exchanged for every formula that is solved. This method of mining is indeed very smart and is a very effective method of issuing the cryptocurrency. And this mining method creates an incentive for investors which then encourages them to mine more. There are also Bitcoin miners that help to ensure that the Bitcoin network is safe and secure and also help to keep the Bitcoin system very fair.

– When you join Mining City, and you choose your preferred plan that is on offer, it means that you are renting a computing power that will allow you to mine Bitcoin or Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). These computers allow mining at certain rates and speeds.

– Asides from earning from mining, you can also earn through referrals on Mining City. They have a referral plan that works well with most members regardless of their levels. The referral plan allows miners to subsidize the income from just mining.

What are the packages that Mining City offers?

If you want to invest with Mining City, there are 6 different packages available to you. Each of these packages have features that are unique to them. Below, we will look through the 6 packages and their features. Let’s see them;

1. Primary Package

– To start the Primary package with Mining City, you need a minimum investment of $300.
– You have 1100 days of Bitcoin mining guaranteed for you.
– The total time duration for your contract is 1100 days.
– You can start mining 10 days after your purchase
– The equipment used for mining is the WhatsMiner M21S
– The coin you will be mining is Bitcoin
– The Plan HashRate is 3 TH/s (per second).

2. The Standard Package

– The minimum amount to start investment is $600.
– The time period for mining is 1100 days that are guaranteed.
– The contract period lasts for 1100 days.
– You can start your mining 10 days after you have purchased your package.
– The equipment used is the Whatsminer M21S
– The plan HashRate is 6 TH/s and the coin mined is Bitcoin.

3. Bronze Package

– The minimum amount for investment is $1200
– The plan HashRate is 12TH/s
– The contract period is 1100 days and the coin mined is Bitcoin
– It is Ian Option 3

4. Silver Package

– The minimum investment is $2400
– The period for the contract is 1100 days and the coin mined is Bitcoin
– The plan HashRate is 24 TH/s

5. Gold Package
– The minimum amount for investment is $4200
– 1100 days of Bitcoin mining is guaranteed
– The Plan HashRate is 42 TH/s.

6. Platinum Package

– The minimum amount for investment is $12,600
– The period of mining contract is 1100 days
– The Plan HashRate is 138 TH/s and the coin mined is Bitcoin.

With Mining City, you will:

– Receive Bitcoin earnings everyday
– They claim that their model is good for long term investments.
– The Mining City operation is public, so there is transparency according to what is stated on their website at

Key Features of Mining City

  • Receive Bitcoin Daily: Mining City claims that investors can receive daily interest by BTC (from the 11th day since the activation of the package).
  • Access to Global Markets: Mining City claims that investors will have access to communities around the world.
  • Long-term investment: Mining City claims that they have an attractive model, suitable for long-term investments.
  • Certificate of license: It is reported that Mining City has a real coin digging plant in Kazakhstan, which is fully licensed.
  • Transparency: according to the official website, Mining City is completely public

Mining City Bitcoin vs. Mining City Referral Commissions

Mining City Bitcoin

There are traditionally two means of joining the Mining City platform, the first one is mandatory and can be regarded as the entry point to the platform. It requires that investors buy Bitcoin shares in whatever package they chose. Via this way investors qualify to earn daily dividends of what gets mined in the purchase pool. According to reports, Mining City pays out dividends, every day SAT, of what the company mines.

Mining City Referral Commission

The Mining City Referral Commission primarily refers to well pleased investors selecting the option to promote Mining City and its products to other prospective investors, and earning a profit and bonuses while doing so. The referral commission operates like a referral network. The more people converted to an investor, the more profit the initial investors earn. These profits are paid via a hybrid unilevel model. How the unilevel model works is, the affiliates that are recruited under the investor, are categorized under the investor. Affiliates they recruit are placed on level 2 of your unilevel team and so the network is built.

Mining City Affiliate Ranks

There are five affiliate ranks that come with the referral commission. We’ve detailed them below:

mining city affiliate ranks

  1. Citizen: this requires the investor to sign up and invest at least $300.
  2. City Builder: this requires that the investor maintain a $600 investment  and recruit five or more Citizens and generate $10,000+in down-line investment volume.
  3. City Developer: this requires the investor to invest $600 in active investment, maintain five recruited affiliates with an active investment ( of which three must be City builders), and generate at least $50,000+in downline investment volume.
  4. City Manager: this requires the investor to invest $2,400 in active investment and maintain five personally recruited affiliates with a running investment of which, three must be developers and generate $250,000+ in downline investment volume.
  5. City Chief Manager – this requires the investor to invest $4,200 in active investment, have 3+ recruited city mangers and $2,000,000+ in downline investment volume.
  6. City Mayor: this requires the investor to invest $12,600 in active investment, maintain five personally recruited affiliates with an active investment, at least three must be City Chief Managers, and generate $10,000,000+ in downline investment volume.
  7. Governor: Invest $13,800 in active investment, have 3+ recruited City Mayors and $100,000,000 in downline investment volume.

Capped Earning Potential Per Rank:

  • Residents can earn up to $200 a day
  • Citizens can earn up to $800 a day
  • City Builders can earn up to $1000 a day
  • City Developers can earn up to $1200 a day
  • City Managers can earn up to $1600 a day
  • City Chief Managers can earn up to $2000 a day
  • City Mayors can earn up to $2400 a day
  • Governors can earn up to $2800 a day

In Which Countries is Mining City Available

According to the Mining City official website, the platform is available in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. However, Africa has the most investors.

Our Conclusion

From our analysis and research, we cannot intelligibly affirm that Mining City is a Ponzi scheme or a complete scam because it is legitimate from all indications. The platform is still up and running and user testimonials suggest that there  are absolutely credible, since some have reported receiving returns on their investments. However, Mining City does practically posses the properties of a Ponzi Scheme, especially in comparison to other Ponzi Schemes and investment scams out there that have been featured on mainstream media.

It is highly significant  and imperative that  all  new  and potential  investors,  who are eager to invest in Bitcoin, especially, make sure they review the platforms they are considering thoroughly before investing their hard earned monies.

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